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Silent partners (Co-founders) agreement $100k paid out over 10 years.

In a groundbreaking move, UCN (USA Caribbean Network) is set to revolutionize the lives of 100 silent partners to earn money from day trading, wholesale real estate and other businesses with out ever having to do anything but watch and earn for life.

Our ideal silent partners includes;

  • Street Hustlers who need a legit was make residual income.
  • People who need to pay off debts.
  • People who need to make extra income.
  • People who need to pay down on cars or property.
  • Or entrepreneurs who want to start their own business but need capital.

With the launch of this income sharing community, UCN will create one LLC’s for each silent partner to payout funds we be sharing each day.

The community will be open after 100 silent partners has join.

All membership fees for future members will be added to the trading account to allow us to trade with up to $1 Million per day.

Specializing in five profitable business categories that can generate millions over the next 10 years.

UCN is community that focus on building multiple income streams that can generate revenues daily. UCN have decided to share it’s revenues with registered members who want to overcome financial challenges.

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Sky is the limit

Make money every day effortless with UCN.

USA Caribbean Network (UCN) is constantly building and promoting several projects and affiliate offers through Global community of networks.
Members can tune in to our live updates daily after we launch with 100 or more members.

A Wealth of Opportunities

UCN’s online income sharing platform offers its members invaluable knowledge in five business categories. Which includes day trading, affiliate marketing, lead generation for local contractors, website development, and wholesale real estate. With a chance to win cash rewards weekly. These areas have been carefully selected to cater to a wide range of skills and interests, ensuring that every member can find a path that suits them.

Day Trading: The Art of Financial Independence

Income sharing provided by UCN will start trading with $50k per day which will gradually increase up to $1 million per day for buying and selling options stocks within the same trading day.
Using effective strategies, current market trends, and utilizing cutting-edge AI tools, UCN members can gain the potential to achieve financial independence.

Affiliate Marketing: Building Profitable Partnerships

With the rise of e-commerce, affiliate marketing has become a highly lucrative field. UCN’s income sharing program allows members to promote products or services and earn commissions for each sale they generate.
By harnessing the power of digital marketing and building strong partnerships, members can tap into a global market and create a steady stream of income.

Lead Generation for Local Contractors: Supporting Local Businesses

UCN recognizes the importance of community and aims to support local contractors through lead generation. Members learn how to connect local contractors with potential customers, earning a commission for each successful referral. By fostering these connections, UCN members not only contribute to their own financial well-being but also help strengthen local economies.

Website Development: Unlocking the Digital World

In an increasingly digital age, having a strong online presence is essential for any business. UCN’s income sharing website development equips members with revenues from optimize websites we create for individuals and small businesses.
By capitalizing on the demand for web development services, members can secure a steady income while providing valuable solutions to clients with businesses yo get more leads.

Shared Revenue: Building a Thriving Community

UCN goes above and beyond traditional income sharing platforms by setting up hundreds of businesses that generate revenue using the same promotional links. As members of the UCN Global Community, individuals have the unique opportunity to share in this income.
UCN has made it affordable for everyone to purchase a business website for $8.25 per month ($99/year) this price is expected to double after every100 members join the community.

The launch of UCN’s Global Community signifies a significant step forward for individuals seeking financial stability and personal wealth growth.
By offering income sharing in lucrative areas such as day trading, affiliate marketing, lead generation, and website development, UCN empowers its members to seize opportunities and unlock their full potential. With the added benefit of shared revenue from UCN’s diverse businesses, members can pave the way towards a brighter future.
The modest annual fee of ninety-nine dollars ensures accessibility to all, and within 30 days, members can expect a return on investment while gaining invaluable skills.

The UCN Global Community is not just an online training platform; it is a catalyst for change, bridging the gap between individuals and their dreams of success.

1,000 WP Websites with Google Adsense
“UCN: build gives 1 websites with ads to each m Ober then promotes by the state sites on Google, and several platforms. our promotion helps to drive traffic to our site resulting in more ads revenues even if someone does not buy anything.
Day Trading for Partners
“UCN: will be trading with up to $50K everyday to allow our silent partners to earn up to $10k per year.
Wholesale Real Estate Deals
Part of our network focus on working with investors to acquire properties using some the net-profits of our day trading. More Details Provided upon request.

Members in this exclusive group earn guaranteed payouts plus share in 10% of the daily trade net-profits.

Co-Founders/Silent Partners

Limited To 100 Click Here.

What We Do

Lear more about what you get with UCN. Click here


UCN co-founders (silent partners) helps to build the structure of our community network.

10 Year ROI
0 SP
Money Problems?

As a silent partner this is the best opportunity to earn a lifetime income without doing anything.

All member registration are confidential as a silent partner.

Lavish Business Events

UCN Host Monthly Events

Founders & CO-Founders

Co-founders are updated daily with the community progress and All management decisions are presented to our board to review and voted on.

2023 and beyond!

2 Ways to Join
#1: Affiliate members
#2: Support members

To join as a co-founder or stakeholder, you must be selected after scheduling a 1&1 meeting with three different community developers. If you pass the test from each developer, then you can apply for those memberships.
Only affiliate and support membership is available.

DAY TRADING: We buy & Sell Stock/Options

Every day we invest our own money to purchase stocks (Call & Puts) to ensure that no matter which way the goes we make a profit. (10% of the net profits is shared with the all 10 co-founders ) No money required.

Caribbean Catering Business

We are getting ready to reopen Island Food To Go In Washington DC.
Each Day IFTG will focus on partnering with Food Trucks, owners, Pre-order catering and delivery app services such as Grubhub, Door Dash and Uber Eats, (10% of the daily gross sales is shared with the 10 co-founders) No investment required.

Several Income Streams

Once you decide to become a co-founder, you will get access to see several more businesses that will give you free money every day.
In less than 90 days you will make more than your initial start up membership or we will give you a full refund.

How It Works

UCN has created multiple income streams to share with everyone within this special group.

Join as a Co-Founders for Ten Years.

Each day UFG members earn $6.84 daily over 10 years, where you make $25K.

Request withdrawal

Every 90 days after we announce the launch of the community you can request a payout of $2,008

Share in 10% of our net gains

This is a bonus for co-founders when we do our day trading. No money is required. For example if we gain $50k after our expense, $5k will be split for 10 co-founders.

Clear plan & Well-designed goals
Effective business planning & goal setting

Effective business planning and goal setting are crucial to the success of any organization. Without a clear plan and well-defined goals, it is difficult to steer a business in the right direction and achieve long-term success.


UCN Founders Group (UFG)
– 10 Years Your return on your investment ( ROI ) $25k
– Paid Quarterly

– Free Business Website

UCN Co-Founders group is an exclusive group of 10 visionaries who decided to be become a co-founder with Dr. Patrick Micklewhite (Founder) and be on the board of UCN Council of management for a onetime fee of $1k

UFG provides oversight for the development of the community, management of funds, acquisition of assets, staffing and marketing.


Limit offer for the 1st 10 members.

Weekly Give Away


Member have an opportune to win one day trade where the can use UCN $1k to buy a stock and keep the net profits.

Keep 50% of the net profits the other 50% goes to the community fund for income sharing.

For participating members in Community plus…

  1. $0 required for trading
  2. Winner will be awarded $1k to use
  3. UCN will place on any stock (Straddle)
  4. Once the stock gain 50% or more we will close the order.
  5. The net profits is then shared 50/50 with the member same day.
After You Pay To Join Send Your Text “UFG Done” to 703-454-2609
Level Price  
UCN CO-FOUNDERS GROUP (UFG) $1,000.00 now. Select

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