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The richest African American

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Forbes estimates Smith’s net worth at $4.4 billion, making him the nation’s richest African-American. He is also the first self-made Wall Street billionaire who isn’t a white male. He is one of my most admired person who I follow and urge everyone to read about his story.

Some people are born into wealth while others take advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity to become rich and others got into the right businesses that have super high advantage for getting wealth.

Hey there, my name is Dr. Patrick Micklewhite a prophetic messenger and founder of The Prophetic Foundation, USA Caribbean Network and United Contract and Management.  I have made a commitment to giving away 50% of any wealth I get to help people in need and any future revenues from any businesses my company will open in the future.

I believe that everybody has the potential to become a successful entrepreneur millionaires no matter where you are from in the world or how there lack of finance.  All most people need Learning how to duplicate what works and financial support.

And I want to prove this to you.

We’ve documented the entire process of building, launching, and running a dropshipping businesses, music festivals, hosting events, Job agencies, real estate, foreclosure business, transportation business, home repair contractors business, lawn care businesses, purchasing businesses and lots more that anyone can start making a six figure income in just a few weeks.

If you are having a difficult time making extra income or you want to be part of a network of businesses where you are guaranteed to make $12.5k or more each year DON’T LET THIS OFFER CLOSE WITHOUT ACTING.

We are only helping the 1st 100 people this opportunity to join our executive department for FREE and become part of our multi-million dollar ventures to assist an advisory board setting online as we focus on opening over 100 businesses before the fall of 2021.

There is no investment requirement, no experience or work involved, being part of our advisory board just require a you to sign up to get your own business website or online store.


Mt. Micklewhite

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