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7 legal Ways to make Fast Money | try this

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I’m going to break down 7 legal ways you can money, which are opposites of what I told you about yesterday. Again this is all 100% legal and you can start doing it today.

7 legal Ways to make Fast Money | try this

1. Tax evasion: Not paying taxes on what you truly made ( a lot of ways to do this legally by the way)
Legal way Around this: Create an LLC or another type of legal entity and ask your employer to higher you as a contract employee (they’ll say yes usually because it’ll mean less cost to them)

-2. ATM Fraud: Atm reimbursement, they get a bunch of people to use the atm and set a high sub charge and get money every day from it
Legal way: Create more income by increasing your volume and locations.
– Excuses of theirs atm everywhere: Be competitive with your profit split and look for the owner with multiple stores. Some people are putting ATMs in apartments complexes now.
Pro: You’ll increase your profits, build up volume, and eventually be able to sell your portfolio to someone else. Cash is not don’t just yet.

Cons: It’ll take work and some bidding wars here and there, however that’s part of the game.

-3. Money Laundering: This is cleaning dirty money and turning it into clean money.
Legal: If you’re running a legitimate business off the books, then put it on the books.
Why? You’ll get access to more money with banks and will be able to expand and grow, plus there are a bunch of ways to legally avoid paying taxes. Like deduction, buying equipments and transfers.

Oh, and if you have an Illegal business off the books: Check the rules in all 50 states you might be able to go to another state and start a legal business their.

– Pro: If you were making money off the books, well now you can make 3X that because you’ll get more exposure, and a lot less risk than before
– Con: You won’t be the cool guy in jail ( which is actually a pro
I was talking to one of my CPA yesterday: and he told me how one of his clients put up the first

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