Membership Level change

You have selected the VIP Members Group membership level.

VIP members gets paid on all businesses under the UCN Network:

Over the next 3 years we are working on several projects such as;

1. Online store sales
2. 1,000+ affiliate businesses
3. Annual music festival
4. Monthly networking party events
5. Healthcare assurance membership
6. Home improvement contracts
7. Vacation home rental
8. Credit repair membership
9. Workshops & Seminars fees
10. Website development & Marketing

Here is how it works

  • ¬†Each business pays out 50% of their earnings to the community each month.
  • Members in the community split total revenues to get equal shares of the monthly income.

As the company add mote businesses the revenues are increased.

Joint Ventures (JV) business will be added in the future.

A JV partnership business if when someone desire to open a local business and agree to give the company UCN 50% ownership in return for the company funding their project or helping to raise funding for their project or provide marketing & promotion for their project.

The price for membership is $499.00 per Year.

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