If you don’t like the idea of a regular job, but you are willing to spend a few hours a day working online or visiting different locations around town, you might be able to make a fair amount of money. Before signing up for any job, make sure you understand exactly how you will be paid.

Participate in mock juries or focus groups. Some of these might require you to appear in person, but others can be done online. You’ll get paid for listening to a presentation and sharing your thoughts.

Online surveys are quick and easy ways to make a few bucks. There are plenty of companies that offer paid surveys, including Survey Savvy and Survey Spot.

If you like surfing the web, you might enjoy getting paid to test new websites and share your opinions. Sites like UserTesting.com provide lots of opportunities.

Mystery shopping is a great option for you if you love to shop and eat out at restaurants. All you have to do is frequent a business, act like a normal customer, and then share some details about your experience with the company. Depending on the job, you might be paid and/or you might receive free goods or services from the business. You can look for opportunities through individual business or search for listings through organizations such as the Mystery Shopping Providers Association.


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