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UCN work from home
New and Exciting Work From Home Opportunity to Earn Up To $25,000 PT Base Pay Plus Commissions and Recurring Payment.
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Great part-time job opportunity to earn unlimited income

About the job.

This is a new and exciting Opportunity that offers people a chance to get paid from multiple income streams, get a startup business, get Free credit repair, get startup funding or get Joint venture business opportunities.

All we require you to do is giveaway free money making business invitations.

This is a true Win-Win-Win! 


Employment will be “at-will.”


Business Opportunity To Work From Home 

Are you looking for a flexible job opportunity where you can grow from sales to management?
Become a motivates affiliates by joining our community to promote multiple products and services.

Candidates should be a self-starter, organized, assertive, energetic, with motivational skills and is goal-oriented. Excellent opportunity for affiliate marketers, entrepreneurs and anyone who work from home with an automated money making website designed to generate unlimited income online and offline.

About GCN
This is a new and exciting Opportunity to help people who want to get a new business, get extra cash, free credit repair, startup funding, joint venture business opportunities and receive extra cash from our income sharing community through your done for your website that will have several links (See below) to earn commissions and referral fees.


What we do

  •  Sell memberships to our community for income sharing.

  • Sell promotional packages.

  • Sell website business packages

  • Sell mobile app

  • Promote Event Ticket sales

  • Sell ecommerce stores for clients.

  • Refer clients for promotion/management of their social media

  • Offer joint venture business partnerships to open a new business with funding that does not require repayment or interest.

  • Refer consult and manage brick and mortar business startups.

  • Sell affiliate marketing training courses

This is a true Win-Win-Win! 

You will receive a FREE community membership to share income with 1,000 members in the group

Earn unlimited commissions, recurring compensation and base pay after qualification

Employment will be “at-will.”

The more your website generate in sales to more you base pay increase.

See compensation plan after you fill out the contact form

If you exceed 100 transactions every 30 days.

Base income $1k per month plus Commissions

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How to earn points
To make up to $1,000 or more

1 Submit an article (Training FREE)
1 Point - Refer an affiliate
1 Point - Sell any digital products

If you earn 100 or more points within 30 days you get paid $1,000.

When you exceed 500 points you will be assign to our management team $2,000/month+ commissions

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What you will do.

1. Posting ads to recruit members to SUBSCRIBE our income sharing community

2. Recommend business packages from our community

3. Promote corporate events (Click Here) in several states to get 100 members registered by August 15, 2019

4. Customer support and respond team

Get promote to our management team after you hit 500

transactions. Base income $2k per month plus Commissions

Managing office back-end services

Writing ads and managing email response

Assist with editing websites and promotional materials

Contact business owners and consumers by email or phone.

Please list your experiences, you will receive the details by email and NDA agreement compensation outline.


Yes, we will build a high converting income exploding Clickbank and JVzoo offers, and it’s a great alternative to making extra income, So before you become my next success story, here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

Q: “Do I need a product?”

A: Nope!

Q: “Do I need to pay any money?”

A: Nope! Our niche websites will only be available to the first 1,000 registered members!

Q: “How much money can you make?”

A: If any member in the community refer only ten $60 sales, that brings an income of $600/day, that’s $4200 a week, $16,800 a month or $201,600/Year.

Yes, it is possible to ramp it up to 50 sales a day where you get to share in 50% of all sales. Once you join the only thing we require you to do is promote your landing page in your social media community.



Courses affiliate members can learn for free then work with us.

Affiliate Marketing

Social Media Marketing


Content Marketing

Video Marketing

Email Marketing



Marketing Strategy


Web Analytics

 Influencer Marketing

Local Listings

Domain Research

E-Commerce Marketing

Mobile Advertising

Music Promotion

Web Traffic