Hi My name is Dr. Micklewhite Sr. Founder of The Prophetic Foundation dba USA Caribbean Network, we are build a community of supporters to provide educational and financial help to members in our business community.

Anyone who want to make residual income online or establish a startup business in their local community are welcome to join us.

Affiliate Members Group
Global Partners & Entrepreneurs

- Income sharing Group /1,000 Members
- Website Setup With Any Business Niche
- We setup Your Site landing page
- Set Up 3 Affiliate Accounts (Clickbank, Warrior + & JVZOO)
- Add 10 Products to our store connected to your Amazon affiliate account.

With VIP Members to open local businesses and Online business

- Income sharing Group /1,000 Members
- Website Setup With Any Business Niche
- We setup Your Website, APP or Shopify Store
- Set Up all Affiliate Accounts we use (Clickbank, Warrior + & JVZOO etc.,)
- Add 10 Products to our store connected to your Amazon affiliate account.
- UCN Provides Marketing
- Help raise funding for start up requirements

No Selling, No MLM Requirements

- Income sharing Group (250 Members)
- Earn $25/Sign up
- We setup Your Landing Page
- Set Up Affiliate Accounts (Clickbank & Warrior plus)


We will help you build a successful online business, setup a local business

or create a website or APP for you.

Dr. Patrick Micklewhite Sr.   Founder of this USA Caribbean Network.

In 1987 I first came to the USA on a F1 visa to study Electronic Engineering shortly after completing my associate degree I entered another career the aviation field to become a pilot by studying aviation in Miami, Florida to become a license pilot, shortly i Return to the Bahamas where I patent my first invention with the Washington trade and patent office (WTPO).

In 1992 I decide to relocate to the USA after my second child was due to be born in 1992.  Since then i never returned I filed several application to get work permits so I can lived to enjoying the American dream.  I start several businesses in hope of making more money to help my family, but when I fall short with trying to make fast money, I paid a dear price which is one of my main reason for creating this  business network. 

As I worked for several companies in the USA I realize that no matter how hard I worked a 9-5 job as I get my pay my bills and  creditors take their pay leaving me broke over and over again. 

Investor and MasterMind

I realize that with all my skills I was sitting on a gold mine of knowledge that can produce wealth, so I was inspired in a vision create a network of sustainable growing businesses that anyone can join, share and earn money from. So I started developing several business website and ideas for business that can produce residual income for many years.  In the fall of 2013 I open several companies and over seven  years created hundreds of social media friends, email addresses and several associates.

  • Ministry Doctorate in Humanity

  • Electronics & Electrical Engineer

  • Home Repairs Project Manager

  • Certified Chef

  • Master Planner in Business Development

  • Website & Graphic Designer

  • Online Money Coach/Teacher

  • Motivational speaker

  • DIY Workshop Instructor

Dr Patrick Micklewhite Sr. Bio:

I am certified in Electronic & Electrical Engineering, I studied Computer science, Aviation, Website & graphics design and affiliate marketing. I am the Prophetic Minister of The Prophetic Foundation Ministry, Caribbean Chef and Humanitarian activist with the goal of helping people all over the world.  I have worked for companies such as FEMA, Home Depot, Hilton and many more and open several business.

UCN is my latest project design to help hundreds of people.

Again my name is Dr. Micklewhite along with my wife who has work with law enforcement for over 30 years and our daughter would  like to thank you for visiting.  I specialize in business development and marketing and would love to help you establish a profitable online business.

Although the services I’m offering is valued at hundred of dollars by other developers I’m setting up websites for $99/year and partnering with 100 individual to develop a business for them with multiple source of income.

 The objective of our business is to share 49% of all our income with members and use some resources to help poor communities and homeless victims. We current have 3 project launching in 2019 I would be happy to discuss more with you.

Please contact me direct if you have a particular business idea you would like me to develop for you use the contact form below.

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